Sunday, July 25, 2010


People who are inspired by the moves and grooves of their favourite celebs, from Lady Gaga to Madonna or Beyonce, will shortly be able to dance to their hearts content when Creation Dance launches its new dance class ‘DanceFuze’ in September 2010.

The new classes, which are run by the UK specialist adult beginners dance company Creation Dance, are located in various locations across London, and will offer adult beginners the chance to try something a little different from the street dance or hip hop classes already on offer.

Director and Creation Instructor Ainhoa Rey says; “Just like our signature street dance class, Urban Groovz, DanceFuze will be for people who have never thought about going to a dance class before, from adult beginners to older learners who would like find a new and exciting way to get fit. The difference between this class and street dance or hip hop classes, is that this class is more sexy, sassy and suitable for pop music lovers who want to try something different from the norm. Think a cross between a Lady Gaga video and Glee, without the singing!”

For those people who are afraid of leg warmers and Lycra, fear not, Creation is happy to leave this to the celebs and promises to let you bust a move in your gym gear and trainers in a friendly adult learner environment.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Beginners Guide to Dance

Want to know how to get started with getting nervous or how to address the common fears and worries people have when learning to dance? Then check out our new Beginners Guide to Dance which will help you get to class, make the most of it and enjoy the experience too!
Check out our dance blog here for more details

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Creation Dance launches street dance classes in Reading for beginners

Great news Reading, we've finally got a new venue and teacher lined up, so our first street dance classes for adult beginners in Reading will be kicking off in April 2010.
For all the details of how to join, these fun, friendly beginners hip hop classes for over 18's, check out our website

Special offers on this course:

£99 per person for 12 weeks
£80 per person when booking 2 places
£75 per person when booking 3 places

Class runs every Tues 8.30pm - 9.30pm at Cannons Gym, Reading, Berks


Sunday, January 31, 2010

New CDTT Street Dance Teacher Qualification to be unveiled at Move It 2010

Street Dance has never been easy to teach. Constantly evolving and kept out of the studios, many self-taught street dance teachers are excellent dancers but are unprepared for the challenges of working with beginner level students in a gym or dance studio environment.
Now, Creation Dance, a long term provider of community street dance classes, has devised a comprehensive teacher training program for competent dancers aimed at raising the standards of tuition in the community and creating opportunities for aspiring dance teachers to teach street dance and hip hop to people of all ages and abilities in their local area.

The CDTT Certification Program is a low cost course with flexible study options that gives students the tools to become a responsible and confident teacher. The training provides students with a strong understanding of anatomy, physiology and dance safety. Upon completion of the program, aspiring teachers are able to intelligently sequence fun and safe classes, spanning a variety of styles and levels.

“Urban Groovz, our pioneer street dance syllabus and teaching method shows teachers how to break down Hip Hop movements so beginners are encouraged to get dancing.” says course Director, Ainhoa Rey. “Using motor fitness training and solid teaching techniques, teachers can ensure that their students learn coordination and choreography more quickly, which keeps them coming back to class as there’s a huge sense of satisfaction felt when they achieve their goals. A major part of our training aims create an environment in which students feel motivated and encouraged to go beyond their limitations. Teachers can apply the principles to their unique street dance style so it’s suitable for a range of dancers.”

At this year’s largest dance exhibition in the UK, Move It 2010, Creation Dance will be available to talk to people who are interested in becoming a dance teacher and sharing their passion for dance with their community.
Those wanting to set up their own dance classes or just find out about the CDTT qualification, can visit Creation on Stand 123, where Ainhoa Rey, the Head of Teaching Training and Elle Kealy, the Founding Director and Head of Franchise Services, will be available to provide information and guidance.

During the exhibition, Creation Dance is giving away a FREE Creation Dance Teacher Training Street Dance Teacher Training Certification. Visit the stand to enter the competition. Move It runs from March 10-14th 2010 at London Olympia. For more information about Creation Dance UK: For information about CDTT:

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Enrolling new dance courses now in London, Oxford, Edinburgh and HK: or

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So excited! Pole Dance class and Circus Classes (silks, hoops, rope) all in one place in HK!

I’ve been looking for a place to learn silks (like Cirque Du Soleil) and hoops for years and there’s never been anywhere in Hong Kong to do this until now. Aerial Arts Academy has just opened it’s doors to Hong Kongers who want to learn pole dance, including Chinese Pole, and all sorts of fabulous aerial acts.
If you don’t feel that adventurous, Sensory Silks is a fitness based class using the silks to tone, similar to Yoga with Silks, that I’ve only ever seen in LA..

If you want to come and try check out their website:

Pole Dancing Classes in Hong Kong just got so much more interesting!!!